"The Wisdom of Man" - Chapter 03: Original Version - "The World Within and Without" (Spiritual Book 08)
By His Holiness:  M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him)
Review and Summary By: One of the Children of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with each of Us), by Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler)
Date Posted:  October, 2004

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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.  Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu. Wa 'alaykum al-salam wa rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu. May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessing of God be upon us all.  May God help us all.  Amen.

My love you (anbu), my dearest loving brothers and sisters - Shaikh Muhaiyaddeen (Louie Beutler)

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Original Version of Chapter 03:

His Holiness teaches us:

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious. 

May Allah, the unfathomable ruler of grace, the One who is incomparable love and gives undiminishing wealth, the One who gives the fragrance which the mind cannot perceive, grant you His resonance, His explanation, the radiance of wisdom, and the plenitude of the clarity of the soul.

May He give and give this to you, protect you, and nourish you.

Children, may the treasure of the heart known as Allahu which gives and gives but never diminishes, protect you and give you grace.

Children, may He protect you, all your brothers and sisters, all your relations, all your friends, all who are with you, all the devotees of God, all who have wisdom, and all who are intermingled with your love.  May God protect all of you.

May the wealth of grace which is known as Allahu, fill your hearts, overflow from your hearts, and resonate and shine from your hearts as the light of the grace of wisdom.  Amen.

May all of you dispel the disease known as the world,
The dog known as desire,
The demon known as the mind,
The torpor known as illusion,
The pleasure that is the dream,
The sadness that is the darkness of ignorance,
The karma that is the torpor of the world,
The evil actions of kalam (or time, which is comprised of arrogance, karma, and illusion), that leads you to Kalan (to the Angel of Death),
And the nature and games of the five elements that collect and praise time.

May you dispel all these things and go beyond them to Allah, the original treasure which stands in the open space, the treasure of the innermost heart.

May God give you the grace of His wisdom to dispel all these evils. Amen. May God fill your hearts with His grace. Amen.

Children, may you be given exalted wisdom, exalted conduct, exalted patience, exalted truth, the exaltedness of God's compassion, and the exaltedness of good thoughts and good intentions.  May God give you more and more of this grace.

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, may God give all of you long lives without illness, undiminishing wealth, the clear treasure of wisdom which will not be hypnotized by the mind, the wealth of the might of grace, and the determination and certitude of faith in God which is untouched by the evil actions and torpor of the elements.

I am praying that God give you this grace. Amen.

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, we have been born as human beings. In this world, man has been called the most wondrously clear and wise creation.  It has been said that the existence of man is very rare and unique.

Man is a mystery to the world, and the One who created the mystery known as man is also a mystery.  Man-God, Insan Kamil, or perfected man is the mystery within the mystery that is the mysterious power of Allah.

God is the mystery which resplends in perfection (kamal), and Insan Kamil is the mystery within the mystery.  When the two become one, existing as wisdom within wisdom, as speech within speech, as prayer within prayer, as meditation within meditation, as sound within sound, as food within food, and as life within life - that is the mystery.

When the two intermingle and dwell as one within one, that is the secret, that is the secret within the secret. 

That mystery exists when God is within man and man is within God. Man is a mystery to God, and God is a mystery to man.  Resonating as a resonance, explaining and shining as an explanation, radiating as a radiance, this state and this secret (of the "Oneness of God and True Man") will be known by man.

God will be known by man, man will be known by God, and man and God will dwell in one place. In that state, man is a secret within God, and God is a secret within man.

Precious children, jeweled light of my eyes, in this state (as the mystery and secret
within God), man is truly a man. This is what man must realize in this world; He must realize the rarity of his birth.

Precious children of this funny family, this tiny ant man has an explanation as small as he is:

          "Pretend to believe in the world
          but do not believe in it."

The meaning: Not everyone born with the form of man is a man, and not everything that lives in the world has wisdom.  Of all the things that appear in the world, there is not one that does not kill, and there is not one that does not eat.

Nothing that lives in the world lives without hunger, illness, old age, or death.
Everything that has a form made of the five elements has hunger, illness, old age, and death.

It is said that when hunger comes, the ten good qualities and the divine analytic wisdom which distinguishes and sees, fly away.  The pangs of hunger can destroy wisdom.  The selfishness of the body exists as desire, blood-ties,
attachments, religions, races, castes, separations, philosophies, scriptures, differences, praise, and blame.

There are 17 puranas, or ancient epics, which make up the world - arrogance, karma, and maya, or illusion; the three sons of maya: tarahan, singhan, and suran; lust, hatred, miserliness, greed, fanaticism, envy, intoxicants, desire, theft, murder, and falsehood.

Creation is the world in which you now exist and in which you are now studying.
The qualities of all the 17 puranas exist in the creations of this world. The creations catch and eat each other, kill each other, conquer each other, hypnotize each other, drink each other's blood, praise each other, and blame each other.

They perform four hundred trillion, ten thousand kinds of spiritual miracles,
energies, mesmerism, magics, mantric magic, illusory magic, sexual games, arts, sciences, and sexual teachings.

The beauty of form, the visions seen by the eyes, the music heard by the ears,
the smells smelled by the nose, the tastes tasted by the tongue, all the energies of the five elements, the qualities of the 17 puranas, and the millions and millions of shadows within the puranas are all contained in the huge world that exists within the heart of man.  That world contains the 18,000 universes.  It lies within man, and man lies within it.

Sometimes man praises the world and sometimes he blames it.  Sometimes it makes him happy and sometimes it makes him sad.  Man thinks that he can reach liberation in this world, and he studies its histories.  Because he exists in this state, he might try to catch, kill, and eat, praise or blame any of these creations.  But actually, man contains the world within himself.

Children, the intellect of man can perceive that there are two worlds.  One is within his heart, and the other is the world outside which is seen by his eyes and perceived by his senses.

In this world of physical visions, he sees each creation and gives it a name, such as 'animal', 'dog', 'fox', 'tree', 'bush', 'vulture', 'eagle', or 'monkey'.  These animals are visible to the eyes.  When he looks at these works of art, he might write stories about them, sing songs about them, or praise them.

But in both worlds, animals will come to try to kill a man of truth, a man of mystery.  They will come to eat him and to destroy him.  We must pretend to believe them.  We must act in such a way as to deceive them, and then we must escape.  Man must escape from these 'animals' in order to leave this world.

Man must understand this with mysterious wisdom.  He must deceive those things, pretend to believe them, and then escape.  If he believes in them, they will destroy and eat his unique birth.  If he believes in them, they will kill his connection to that unique mystery.  We must pretend to believe in them, deceive them, and escape.  Otherwise, they will try to kill our connection to the mystery, and they will try to kill us.

This is one thing that the ant man says.

The second thought is:

          "Believe in God,
          do not pretend to believe in Him."

Believe in God.  Believe in the one point.  Believe in the One God, the mysterious God. He will embrace and protect you.  That one point is the mystery.

Believe in the treasure which exists as man within God and God within man.  Believe in that treasure.  That will protect you.  You can exist within it.

Do not pretend to believe in God. That will destroy you.  If you pretend to believe in Him, that deception will destroy you.  Believe in God with determination.

Children, precious jeweled lights within my eyes, this is what all who are with us and all who have taken the unique birth of man must know.  We must try to know this state and act accordingly.

Children, the world exists in two ways.  One way is outside.  That is the world we can see ("outside" of us, the other world exists within us as who we are within us, which is the truth of us at any particular time on our journey, which God reveals at the time of our death, the truth of us at any particular time on our journey from the Creation of God within us, to True Man or Insan Kamil within God within us, as the mystery of God and True Man within us, which is man within God within us, and God within man within us, to the "Oneness of God and True Man" within us, as the secret of God and True Man within us, when "the two intermingle and dwell as one within one, that is the secret, that is the secret within the secret").

The birds, the reptiles, the four-legged animals, the eagles, the vultures,
The thousand-legged insects, the eight-legged insects, the ten-legged insects,
The six-legged beetles, the crawling worms,
The elephants, the lions, the cats, the fish,
The oceans, the lands, the mountains, the caves,
The fire, the water, the air, the earth,
The sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, the clouds,
The flowers, the trees,
The demons, the ghosts, the devils, the jinns, the fairies,
The bears, the rhinoceroses,
The countless and numberless millions, millions, billions, trillion creations,
And all the things that have appeared
Can be seen on the outside.

From the tiny crawling ants and insects up to the largest of the creations,
everything that appears has a sakti, or energy.  Everything has certain abilities and miracles that they can perform.

If an ant bites you, how you will squirm!  That is its miracle.  If a snake bites us, we will fall unconscious and possibly even die; That is its sakti.

The birds fly in the sky and perform their saktis and miracles there.  Eagles, vultures, and bats can see in places where human beings cannot, and they can find food through their sense of smell.  They have those abilities.

Tigers, bears, lions, and elephants all have abilities and saktis to perform their miracles.

Showing their saktis and miracles, the trees, the fruits, and the flowers call out to entice the passerby, saying, "Come, come!"  They call out to everyone. That is their
and their siddhi, or elemental miracle.

The fruits and flowers all send out their fragrances and say, "Come, come, I am here."  They fascinate everyone that goes by, and they show their miracles.

Maya shows its beauty, its sound, and its melody, and it pulls on man.

Woman, possessions, land, and gold demonstrate their saktis, strengths, and miracles.  They pull and hold onto man, trying to draw him to them and make him merge with them.

Lust, hatred, and miserliness come to man and attack him.  They say, "Hey!  Come here, look a this!  Look at that!"  They catch him and bring him under their control.  They say, "Don't get up.  Stay.  This is for you."

Religions, castes, races, titles, and honors are also like that.  Each one performs its own miracles and saktis.  They are all miracles.  Indeed, everything that can catch man has a miracle and a sakti.

There are many great and wondrous miracles in this world.  There are four hundred trillion, ten thousand miracles and saktis that exist in the world.

They try to catch man, control him, and make him worship them. They make him surrender and pay obeisance to them.  Desires for gold, land, and woman attack and attempt to catch and embrace man.  They try to make him surrender to them and ask favors of them.

Man does pray to such things.  He meditates on them and asks them for wisdom and grace.  All these saktis must be looked at with wisdom.

If we look at them with wisdom,
We will see that they are diseases which can kill us.
We will see that they are demons which can make us dance.
We will see that they are the energies and miracles of ghosts,
Demons, ghouls, devils, and witches.

Once a man is caught by these, he begins to make them his idols or gods, and he dedicates himself to them.  He makes a snake his god.  He surrenders to it and asks favors of it.  The snake god gives him what it  has, so he assumes the qualities and inner form of the snake.

When man makes a lion his god and surrenders to it, the lion god gives him what it has - it gives him its qualities and form.

When man makes an elephant his god, it gives him what it has - the triple dirt of arrogance, karma, and illusion.

When man makes karma his god, everything connected to karma is given to him.  When he makes a vulture his god, the vulture's qualities of eating corpses are give to him.

When man makes an eagle his god, he takes on the qualities of a siddhar, one who flies and performs miracles in the sky, and the eagle's qualities of spotting and pouncing on rats, snakes, baby chicks, and cats.

When man makes a bull his idol and surrenders himself to it, he takes on the bull's form and the qualities of plowing the world, eating the world, and defecation on the world.  He takes on the bull's qualities of jumping on another, without knowing whether it is his mother, or child, or another cow from the herd.

When he takes a horse for his god and surrenders to it, the form and qualities of the house are passed on to him.  When he makes a donkey his god, the form and qualities of the donkey are passed on to him.  When he makes a pig his idol, the qualities of the pig are passed on to him. 

When he makes a rat his god, the qualities of treachery, deceit, and chewing holes become his qualities.  When he makes a cat his god, he assumes the cat's qualities of stealing and drinking milk with its eyes shut.  When he makes a fish his god, he receives the qualities of catching worms, swimming, and eating moss, insects, and filth.

When man makes water his god, all the worms, insects, beetles, dirt, and everything in the water are given to him.  When he makes fire his god, the qualities of fire are given to him: the qualities of burning things and burning all the other gods, the qualities of anger, impatience, and temper.

When he makes the earth his god, he is given the four hundred trillion, ten thousand colors and hues of the earth.  When he makes the air his god, the vapors and spirits of all creation are given to him, along with mind, desire, attachments, and so many kinds of winds which can cause destruction - hurricanes, gales, thunderstorms, cyclones, and tornadoes.  All the hurricanes and cyclones will be give to him.

The qualities of the air will not allow him a second of peace.

This is how the four hundred trillion, ten thousand qualities of the spiritual forces and energies are given to man.  All their differences are given to him.  All the gods that are visible to him give him their qualities.  And once they have given him their qualities, he dies within them.

When he asks a favor of a lion, he becomes a lion.
When he asks a favor of a donkey, he comes back in the form of a donkey.
When he asks a favor of a dog, he comes back in the form of a dog.
When he asks a favor of a monkey, he comes back in the form of a monkey.
When he asks a favor of a demon, he comes back as a demon.
When he asks a favor of a devil, he comes back to drink blood.

Like this, whatever he gives his attention to on the outside is what he will nourish on the inside.  He takes everything which is outside and gathers it within himself.  Outside they exist as forms, but inside, they exist as poisons, vapors, and spirits.

The world of scenes, the scenes of acting in this elemental world, are all outside, and they are gathered within the heart of man.

Therefore, my precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, as we begin to realize and understand, everything we see on the outside as form we will see within us as qualities and shadow forms which can subject us to many rebirths.

The forms are outside, but all their energies, forces, miracles, and abilities
appear in the heart of man.  The world he sees outside is a dot.  The world inside is just an atom, but he places so many things inside the atom world, worshipping and surrendering to them.

We must think of this state and we must understand which of these two worlds
we must come to know.

Man takes things with form, makes them formless within himself, and then dies in that state.  Then he takes that same form in his rebirth and loses his connection to God.

He forsakes the name of Man-God and reappears in the form of a snake, a scorpion, a dog, a fox, a donkey, an elephant, a demon, a monkey, a poison, a crab, a bird, or a fowl.  Whatever sakti he attains, whatever miracle he believes, whatever he trusts, whatever he surrenders to, and whatever qualities he takes into himself will be the form of his rebirth.

In the end, he will be subject to one hundred and five million rebirths.  He will be subject to all the four hundred trillion, ten thousand miracles and energies and will end up as a worm, an insect, and food for hell.

This is the world man nourishes for himself.

Whatever sakti he prays to is the sakti and the form which will be created formlessly in his heart.  Man will be reborn as whatever idol he prays to or places his intention upon and whatever form he gives life to in his heart.

As he gives his mind, his intellect, and his thoughts to those gods, as he makes love to those gods, a form is made and given life within him.  That form, those qualities, those actions, those sounds, that behavior, that intelligence, and those abilities will come from the outside to the inside.

The same thing happens when a husband and wife join together.  their minds, their thoughts, and their love are made one when they make love.  An embryo is formed in the energies they bring about.  Their noises, their sounds, their beauty, and their voices are all stamped onto that embryo, and they come into form. 

The actions of the mother and the father come into the blood and tissues of the embryo.  When the child is born, it will be similar to the mother or the father, in its appearance or in its sound, its qualities, or its actions.

When a man's mind, his intellect, and his devotion focus upon something, it is like the joining together of a man and a woman.  The energies of the five elements (earth, fire, water, air, and ether) will exist within the form with which he joins, and there will be millions of differences within it.

As he loves those qualities and intermingles with them every second and every day, those qualities, actions, behavior, and saktis will all come to exist within him.  Just as the qualities of the parents come into a child, so these qualities will come into a man's heart.

In his devotion, man has to give those qualities whatever they require.  He must feed whatever sakti he raises within himself and whatever sakti he makes use of.  He must feed all those things according to their forms.

Some must be given goats,
Some must be given chickens,
Some must be given murders,
Some must be given intoxicants,
Some must be given marijuana,
Some must be given beer,
Some must be given brandy,
Some must be given opium,
Some must be given LSD,
Some must be given other hallucinogenic drugs,
Some must be given woman,
Some must be given blood.

Whatever food is necessary for the sakti inside is the food they must be given. Man must form that food inside and give it to them.  Each sakti that is formed in the heart, whether it be murder, sin, karma, or maya, must be given what it requires.  Man must feed them if they are to grow.  That is the world within.

If he raises the outside things inside and if he nourishes formed things formlessly, then he must become a slave and a servant to those things and must give them whatever they want.  He must surrender to them, and ask favors of them.

He must take on their qualities, act with their actions, take repeated births, and eventually end up in hell.  Then he will lose the connection to God and the connection to being a true man.

Whatever we raise,
Whatever we love,
Whatever we grow,
Whatever we serve,
Whatever we perform pujas to and make offerings to,
Whatever we become a slave to, and whatever we make into a god
Will cause us to lose our connection to the true human being
And our connection to God.

We must all realize this with wisdom.

We must recognize these saktis within ourselves.  We must not place our trust in them or surrender to their qualities.  All the formless saktis of the inner world must be chased out. 

Without implanting any more saktis within us, we must chase out those already existing there.  Those qualities, those elements, and those demons must be chased out and dispelled.  All those forms must be dispelled.

Only when man loves the mystery within the mystery, the secret within the secret, the wisdom within wisdom, the life within life, and the resplendence within the resplendence which shines as man within man, and which exists as the ray within the ray known as wisdom; only when he loves the nature of that mystery which exists as absolute purity, when he makes that mystery come to life within himself and surrenders to that mystery, only then does he become that mysterious treasure.

When he believes in that mystery and dedicates himself to that mystery; when he places its qualities, actions, and powers into the world of wisdom and the world of souls within himself; when he makes that mystery come into form within himself and servers it; when he disappears as the mystery into the mystery; when he takes into himself God's 3,000 gracious and beautiful qualities, God's quality of seeing all other lives as His own and protecting all lives without giving way to hunger, old age, illness, or death; when he takes into himself goodness, the love of all lives, surrender, balance, concentration, patience, tolerance, peace, justice, honesty, and good conduct; when the qualities of God's mystery take form within him, and all God's actions exist within him, then the birth within him will be cut off.  His destruction will have been destroyed.

Because God has no birth,
A true man will have no birth.
Because God has no darkness,
He will have no darkness.

God has no torpor,
So he will have no torpor.
God has no idols,
So he will have no idols.

God has no hunger,
So he will have no hunger.
God has no selfishness,
So he will have no selfishness.
God has no desire,
So he will have no desire.

God has no lust,
So he will have no lust.
God is not fascinated by woman,
So he will not be fascinated by woman.
God is not fascinated by owning land and by material things,
So he will not be fascinated by these.

God is not hypnotized by the mind,
So he will not be hypnotized by the mind.
God has no physical vision,
So he will have no physical visions.
God has no illness, old age, or death,
So he will have no illness, old age, or death.

God's qualities do not change,
So his qualities will not change.
And because God is not fascinated by miracles,
He will not be fascinated by miracles.

When God's incomparable and countless qualities and actions come to exist within man, man will exist in that mystery, he will have no birth or death, and he will have no evil.  His state will be one of resplendent prayer to God, for prayer is to make God come into form within oneself.

But if anything other than God is kept within - any animal to which man surrenders, any sakti he desires, any miracle he wants to perform, whether he would like to fly in the sky, rule the earth, or possess gold - then the qualities of these intentions will exist within him.

In this state, the four hundred trillion, ten thousand miracles and qualities of the creations, their actions, and their forms will come into man. Taking on those actions, committing those murders, and committing those sins will subject him to many millions of rebirths.  In the end, he will exist as a worm in hell.

Man considers this to be devotion (this wanting what God has discarded); he considers this to be praiseworthy and miraculous.  Because of this state, the creation with the face of a man is subject to being ruled from within by animals.

The qualities, the actions, the conduct, and the worship of animals come to exist within him.

Finally, he dies with those animal actions.  He dies in murder, sin, arrogance, and in the teachings of the 17 puranas. He dies and is reborn.

One who thinks with wisdom and takes God's form within himself will reach the state of Man-God, or Insan Kamil.

He will become one without form.
He will become one who is forever mature.
He will become one who is that mystery and is incomparable.
He will become the plenitude which transcends beginning and end.
He will become one who transcends separation,
Who has no birth or destruction,
And who has no wife or child.
He will become one who is not bound by the connection to maya
And who has no desire, torpor or hunger.

One who forms this power within himself will be without birth, death, diminishing or end.

He will be the power within the power.
He and God will be one;
He and God will be in the same place;
He and God will do the same work
And have the same power.

Without this state, all the saktis man raises in his heart and all the scenes he sees in the outside world will take form within him, and they will become his idols.  He will perform pujas to them and take on their qualities, actions, and forms.  This will result in many millions of rebirths. 

One who does not take these saktis into himself will not be reborn. If he does not take these forms into himself, then he will have the form of man, the beauty of God, the qualities of God, the pure and resplendent light, and the beauty of the undiminishing and perfect treasure which transcends race and religion.

He will be a king to the three worlds, he will be a messenger of God.  He will be within God, and God will be within him.  The two will be one and will rule the kingdom of God. Only if this state comes within one can he truly be called a man.

His form will be different, his actions will be different, his prayer will be different, and his power will be different.  That power will be the connection between him and God.

If we would all understand this and act accordingly, it would be good.

It is not the One who created man who has subjected him to these many rebirths, deaths, sadness, and happinesses.

God gave all three worlds to man; the world of souls, this earth world which is the world of hell, and the world of God which is the world of grace and wisdom. He gave man the potential to be the king of these three worlds.  God gave the majesty of ruling these three worlds to man.

Two of these worlds exist within and one is seen on the outside.

The world of hell is seen on the outside.  That is the world of drama, the world of God's creation, the world of form, and the world of God's art.  The 18,000 universes and everything in them, the seven layers of the earth and the seven realms of the sky, all the beauties and all the forms have been sculpted and revealed in this world of God's creation and artistry.

The creations, the beings, their lives, their qualities, their food, their intellect, and their abilities have all been created so that we may understand our Father's artistry, and so that we may understand their qualities.

We must study all the lessons our Father has given. We must praise our Father, accept His splendor, and know that He is more beautiful than any of those things.  All the explanations and lessons in the creations in all the universes are His books.

Each creation is one of God's books. They are all God's stories. Each reveals His secrets. Each reveals His mystery.

When we look at the beauty, the qualities, and the actions of the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, the reptiles, the birds, the four-legged animals,
The jewels, the water, the earth, the air, the fire, man, monkeys, ants, rats, and all creations, we can see that each of them contains one of God's stories. 

We must understand these stories and realize that there is no Father other than God, that He has no form, and that He has no shape.  We must know this with determined faith.

We must act with the qualities of our Father.
We must take form in those actions,
Becoming conceived within Him,
Becoming embryonic forms within Him,
Taking form within Him,
Becoming light within Him,
Receiving life within Him,
Receiving completion within Him,
Receiving the eye of wisdom within Him,
Receiving the nose of wisdom within Him,
Receiving that taste of the tongue of wisdom within Him,
Receiving the perception and the sounds of the ear of wisdom within Him,
Receiving His innermost heart within Him,
Receiving His undiminishing, unwanting, forever-giving hands of wisdom,
Receiving legs within Him
Which can walk through the whole world in one second,
Receiving the boon of never being hungry,
And receiving eternal life without illness, old age, death, or birth.

We must be conceived and take form within God's womb.  We must grow within Him, and we must exist within Him forever.  When we are born from within God, we will be in the form of Man-God.

When all these things are learned, when we establish ourselves in that state,
the story born from within God will be Man-God/God-Man.

The light body which is born from within Him is called His son.  That form is the body of Man-God, the body of wisdom, the resplendent body.  That resplendence dawns from within resplendence.  It is formed within God and born from within Him.

That is when the two bodies live as one body.  That is when two aspects live in one place.

Jesus, peace be upon him, spoke of this. He said,

          "If man is not born again, he will not reach the kingdom of God."

The meaning of this is that we must become an embryonic form within God, and we must know and understand the secrets and the stories of God in the three worlds.

We must transcend this world and leave it behind, go to the world of God, be conceived within God, take form within God, receive grace within God, and receive His light, His qualities, His sound, His fragrance, His wisdom, His completeness, His purity, His beauty, and His taste.

When man dawns from within God and is born from within God, he will be the son of the kingdom of God.  He will be God, and the two will rule the kingdom as One.  This is the meaning of being born again.

One must leave this world and go to that world, intermingle with God in that world, be conceived there, and be born from that embryonic state within Him.
That is wisdom.

Children, precious jeweled lights within my eyes, wisdom exists in another world. There are two kinds of learning we must come to know.  One is outside and one is inside.

The world, religions, scriptures, books, philosophies, scenes, trees, flowers, bushes, jewels, and all outer things are one kind of learning.

We see this outer world with our eyes,
We hear its sounds in our ears,
We smell the outer smells,
We taste the outer tastes,
We smile the outer smiles,
And we speak the outer words.

There is an outer aspect and an outer learning in all those things.

The things of the outer world
Can be studied through religions,
Through scriptures,
Through philosophies,
Through doctrines,
Through the puranas,
Through yogis,
Through rishis or sages,
Through animals,
Through the elements,
Through demons, ghosts, ghouls, and witches,
And through illusory magic tricks
Which can extend to the skies.

The outer world can be studied through many things like these. This outer world
is the world of illusory energies called maya sakti, the world of demonic saktis, the world of elemental saktis. This outer world exists as one kind of learning.

Those things can all be drawn in books and learned from books in so many millions of various languages, prayers, and miracles.  These are the lessons we learn as outer meanings.

Whatever we like and pray to in this world will take form within us.  It takes form, becomes an embryo, grows, and then we give birth to it.  We give birth to it and raise it.

These are the kinds of devotion that are subject to many millions of rebirths, to many millions of qualities, to many millions of kinds of actions, and to many millions of kinds of murders. These are the kinds of devotion that exist in many millions of ways. This is easy.  Everyone can learn this.

But there is another kind of study.  It is a secret.  It is the study of the kingdom of God, and it exists within.  It transcends the seven innermost hearts and opens the eighth. The heart within that seventh heart will exist as the kingdom of God.

It transcends
The world of elements,
The world of fire,
The world of earth,
The world of desire,
The world of water which is the world of creation.
The world of air,
And the world of the mind.

It is the world of wisdom which is the world of God.

This learning is an entirely different section. This study is a mysterious secret.
It does not exist in books, in scriptures, in religions, or in philosophies. It exists as God's grace, as His qudrat or power, as His benevolence, and as His mystery.  It exists as God.

It is the majesty of His kingdom, it is His perfection, and it is His justice. That study cannot be found on the outside.

Those who perform miracles do not have that learning.  It is not within the doctrines of yogis, sages, and rishis.  It is not within one who flies in the skies.  It is not within one who walks on the water.  Those things are merely arts known as kalai gnanam.

The inner learning does not exist within one who can twist the earth into a rope.

It is not within one who can make himself invisible to the eyes of others.
It is not within one who can walk on fire. 
It is not within one who can tie up the mouth of a tiger. 
It is not within one who can make the world shake.

None of those miracles exist in the section of inner knowledge.  That study does not exist in people like this.  That study is called a mystery.

One who is conceived in God and becomes an embryonic form in God and is born, transformed, from within God contains that mystery.  One who is born in Him, one who grows in Him, one whose actions are within Him, and one who is intermingled with Him, contains that mystery.

All the scenes of the world and all the elemental kingdoms will have been dispelled from within him.

The kingdom of earth
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of fire
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of water
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of air
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of spirits
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of desire
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of the mind
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of the elements
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of demons
Will have been dispelled from within him.
The kingdom of maya
Will have been dispelled from within him.
And the kingdom of the sky
Will have been dispelled from within him.

One who goes beyond all these things and takes form within God will know the learning and the study of God's kingdom.  He will be called a wise man, he will be called a messenger of God, and he will be called the son of God.

He will dwell within God and God will dwell within him.  One who is in this state, one who has that form, one who is born within God will be able to study that secret mystery.

Only if one actually goes there can he see.  Then he will be shown.  As one goes further and further, more and more exists to be known.  As one puts one foot in front of the other, God's secrets will be revealed step by step.  His wonders, His powers, His visions and His justice will be revealed.

Man will come to know more and more as he goes further and further.  That learning does not exist in writings; it is the mysterious study.  That study, children, is what is called wisdom.  That is man; that is Man-God.

The study of that kingdom belongs to one who is born again and transformed from his animal state.  That study belongs to the child of God who comes to the state of Man-God.  It belongs to one who takes form within God.  This is a wondrous study.

Children, to study this is very difficult. This learning is a wonder and a mystery.
God exists as a mystery, man exists as a mystery, and this learning exists as a mystery.  This is the secret we must know.  It is not easy.  We must study in a very subtle manner in order to learn this.

God must be conceived within us.  He must become an embryonic form within us, and we must become an embryonic form within Him.  God must come into form within man, and man must come into form within God.

Man must be born within God, and God must be born within man.  Only when that form comes can man reach God.

First, God must be conceived within man.  Then man must be conceived within God.  Man must be born transformed and that interchange must take place. Man must merge with God and God must merge with him.  To be born this way is wisdom.  That is the greatest wonder.

One who does not achieve this state will take on the qualities of monkeys, donkeys, lions, tigers, and elephants.  He will form them within himself, surrender to them, and later he will be reborn as those animals.  This is where those saktis lead; this is where those saktis end.

Children, we must realize and understand these things.  The study of wisdom exists in a totally different section.  It does not exist in words.  It exists within the cage of man's body.  Only if we go deeper and deeper inside this cage will we understand.

To be born as a transformed embryonic form within the cage, to go within that form, and then to see - this is what we must do as we proceed on and on.  This does not exist in writings.  We must realize this within.  Amen.

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